How To Make Your Eyelash Extensions Last Longer

One of the most popular trending beauty products in the market today are eyelash extension supplies. Eyelash extensions have advanced the business of fake eyelashes to a whole new level. Many of us are aware of the fake eyelash products which one can fix before going out. They are a temporary enhancement that woman has to take out before going to sleep. It can be tiresome to have to put them on regularly, and they tend to invite a whole host of problems like dislodgement and eye infections. It takes a long time for a person to become skilful at properly fixing them.

With eyelash extension supplies however, many of these problems are eliminated. All you need to do is visit a professional cosmetologist who will fix the lashes to your individual natural hairs. Each one is made to look longer and thicker. For the best results the sizing should be according to the natural eyelashes so as to be properly borne and the natural lash not to be damaged. Once the appointment is over there are things you can do to ensure the effect lasts for a long period. The first is in avoiding water contact around your eyes for the next couple of days. This includes sweat from working out, or steam from baths.

You should also avoid touching the eye area. This can result in breaking the lashes. When sleeping, try to stay off your face. Makeup like mascara can be used but should be sparingly applied towards the end of the lashes and be water based. Water based makeup is easier to remove gently. If they become damaged, or you wish to trim your lashes, go back to the cosmetologist. This is so as to avoid damaging you natural lashes. Also never use an eyelash curler on these extensions.